Three key informants are acknowledged with gratitude: Sw Nikalank Bharti, Arvind Kumar Jain and Yogi Chinmaya, all of them closely affiliated with Osho in Gadarwara, Jabalpur and Bombay respectively. They are mentioned in the Preface and they have all been sharing with me more than words can express.

I am ever so thankful to my anonymous and affluent benefactor in Hong Kong. He has most gracefully contributed not only to the production of Osho Source Book, but he also made it possible to collect some rare research material. And most of all did his heart-warming and unwavering encouragement enable me to carry on with this piece of work.

In Volume I, all interviewees, informants and writers are duly mentioned in the Notes, and I’m deeply indebted to their participation and sharing of their insights. In Volume II, quotations are also with their full reference, and in this volume the reader will find the few notes integrated at the appropriate place in the text itself and not in a separate section with notes as was the case in Volume I.

Many thanks to those who freely gave of their time, energy and encouragement, including one or two sannyasins who kindly gave me their accounts but preferred their contribution should be used without attribution.

I also gladly acknowledge the importance of the very professional service offered at Skagen public library in Denmark, and the extensive support from the international library lending system which has been able to locate and provide numerous obscure publications from far-away lands.

It goes without saying that without the mass of quotations drawn on many writers’ books, this collection of source material could not have been compiled. The author would like to express his gratitude to all these writers, as each of them have opened their window into the world of Osho.

Much help has been offered by various former and present department heads at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Poona (Pune).

The author has in the process also been fortunate to avail himself of the help and guidance of a number of sannyasins and scholars who have assisted in research, editing, language and usage. They will for reasons of their privacy not be named, but I can say this much, that they are scattered on four continents of this fine planet. They are all exonerated of culpability for any errors in these volumes, the responsibility for which I claim solely for myself.

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