Appendix Vol2

Appendix Vol 2

Poona One
* Bernard Levin. Three features on the ashram in Poona. The Times, London, April 1980 with follow-up article in June.

– Stuck by enlightenment in Poona. 08.04.1980.

– An extraordinary journey to the interior. 09.04.1980.

– The Joy of shedding their chains. 10.04.1980.

– A rather special kind of loving. Early June 1980.

* Introduction / Ma Prem Maneesha. In: Get Out of Your Own Way! A Darshan Diary (1977). See also: Volume III / Bibliography / Poona One / Darshan Diaries.

* Ma Satya Bharti writes on her first books from Poona: The Ultimate Risk: Encountering Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Bharti 1980); Drunk on the Divine. An Account of Life in the Ashram of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Bharti 1981a); Death Comes Dancing. Celebrating Life With Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Bharti 1981)

(Satya Bharti. E-mail. 18.06.2015)

* Amongst his Books / Ma Prem Madhuri. Impressions from Osho Lao Tzu library in the mid-1970s.

* Foreword by Dr. Lawrence Blair. In: My Diamond Days with Osho / Ma Prem Shunyo (1999)

* Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic (Sarito 2000) Review of paperback edition 2001 by Gretchen Badami, University of Chicago.

* The New Commune. Rajneesh Foundation, Poona, 1979. One page hectographed factsheet.

* Shree Rajneesh Ashram. General Information. Ashram Facilities. Rajneesh Foundation, 20.01.1981.

* Groups, Therapies and Individual Sessions. Rajneesh Foundation, March 1979. 8 pages.

* The Shree Rajneesh Ashram 1974 – 1981. The Name Game. Ashram Names. List compiled by Sw Deva Bodhena and Ma Anand Bhagawati. 19.07.2015.

* Der Shree Rajneesh Ashram in Poona. Zur sozio-ökonomischen Struktur und Entwiklung einer religiösen Gemeinschaft (The Shree Rajneesh Ashram in Poona. Socio-economic structure and development of a religious community) / Michael Grosse (Swami Deva Bodhena). Unpublished preliminary study based on unfinished Ph.D. thesis. In German with quotes in English. 200 MB. The lecture survey was conducted with Klaus-Peter Horn.


* News Summary 1981-1986. Timeline / Max Brecher. 22 pages.

* Introduction by Sw Devaraj. In: The Rajneesh Bible. Volume 4. (1987). 12.11.1985. Excerpt.

* Telegram from Alexander Haigh, Secretary of State, to US Consul in Bombay. Subject: Activities of Indian Guru Bagwan Shri Rhaneesh. November 1981.

* Letter from Edwin Meese III, Councellor to the President. 30.10.1981.

* Letter from US Attorney General Ed Meese III to Alan C. Nelson, INS. 30.08.1983.

* Testimonial for Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh / Rabbi Michael Ziegler of Piedmont, California. Rajneesh Times, 30.09.1983.

* Documents attesting to the adoption of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. (Madyapa 1984, pp. 534-36). Document. Text. Photo.

* Infighting Mars Rajneeshee Probe / James Long. The Oregonian, Monday 30.12.1985.

* Election Plot Chronology. Constructed by Lewis F. Carter. From: Carriers of Tales: On Assessing Credibility of Apostate and Other Outsider Accounts of Religious Practices / Lewis F. Carter (Carter 1998, pp. 230-32)

* Two letters from Sheela. Dated 13.09.1985. (Sheela 1996)

* Osho’s first and second arrest warrent. 23.10.1985.

* Osho signed in as David Washington in Oklahoma County jail. Day Eight of Osho’s incarceration. Monday 04.11.1985. Two documents.

* The Name Game: Ranch Names. Places, work departments, misc. organizations. List compiled by Sw Deva Bodhena and Ma Anand Bhagawati. 19.07.2015.

* Telephone Directory. 12 pages.

World Tour and Bombay

* Introduction by Swami Satyam Anando. In: Light on the Path. Talks in the Himalayas (1988). See also: Volume III / Bibliography / World Tour and Bombay.

* Resolution against Osho’s entry to Germany. Document. 1986.

Following documents are included in: Bhagwan. One Man Against the Whole Ugly Past of Humanity. The World Tour and back home to Poona / Ma Prem Maneesha. (Forman 2002). Six out of total 17 appendicies are reproduced here:

* 4. England, Heathrow. Response from Home Office. 03.06.1986.

* 6. Canada. Office of the Deputy Minister and Chairman. Source: Operations Branch – Intelligence. Dated 10.03.1986.

* 11. European Communities. European Parliament. Working Documents. Motion for a Resolution. 19.03.1986. Two pages.

* 12. Uruguay. La Direccion Nacional de Migracion. Temporary resident’s visa. 23.01.1987.

* 14. Uruguay. Certification from Police Chief of Maldonado. 18.06.1986.

* 16. Handwritten note by Tom Casey, USINS, Portland. On Osho being ‘removed’ from Jamaica. No date.

Poona Two

* Osho Lao Tzu Library by Ma Prem Kavisho. Unpublished manuscript. 1999. 5 pages.

* Thirty Years of Osho International Publishing. 1975-2005. Osho: “Make Me Available around the World”. Osho Times, 2006:6 (January), pp. 34-41. In colour.

* I Leave You My Dream / Ma Prem Lolita. Osho Times, 1997 (December), pp. 11-17. Report on the publishing of Osho’s books.

* On Paintings Osho Chooses / Ma Krishna Gopa and Sw Shivananda. Osho Times International, 1992:12. 16.06.1992.

* Books by and about Osho. Sales Figures: Recent Releases. Books by Osho: World Bestsellers. 1988. Two pages.

* Publication Issues 1990 – 2000. Supplementary sources and quotes to: Volume II / Poona Two / 7.7 Publishing.

* Journey of Osho’s Intellectual Property Rights from India to Europe. Flow chart made by Abhay Vaidya. (Vaidya 2017)

* A Spiritually Incorrect Mystic / Khushwant Singh. Osho World Newsletter, April 2014. Reprinted from: The Tribune. Saturday, July 22, 2000.

* Introduction by Swami Anand Robin. In: Kyozan. A True Man of Zen (1990). See also: Volume III / Bibliography / Poona Two.

* Sw Deva Sarlo’s Zen lineage chart of all the Chan/Zen masters from China to Japan that Osho speaks on.

* Chronological Account of Evening Meetings.

* Welcome to Osho Commune International. Information about Osho. Activities. Commune Facilities. Osho Global Connection. Friends of Osho. Leaflet, 1989. Four pages.

* Model of the ashram IT systems, five years before the Internet. Handwritten configuration drawn by Sw Pablo. 21.08.1989.

* Rajneesh Disappears Without Trace. Ma Prem Hasya. Press Release, 15.09.1989. One page. On name change to Osho.

* A Brief Chronology of the Name Changes of Osho. Press Office, Osho Commune International, September 1996. Factsheet. Three pages.

* Osho’s Medical History 1987-1990 / Sw Prem Amrito. Osho Times International (India), 1990:7.

* Sw Prem Amrito’s announcement on Osho’s passing in Buddha Hall 20.01.1990 was recorded on video, I Leave You My Dream. The transcribed text headed ‘Amrito read out the following before the video this evening’ was first printed in Yes Osho Computer Newsletter (vol 4:25. Saturday 20.01.1990) and in a commemorative supplement to Osho Times International (01.02.1990).

* Affidavit by Dr. Gokul Gokani (Sw Anand Krishna) at Vadodara, Gujarat, India. 14.12.2015. Four pages. (Vaidya 2017)

* Obituaries and Quotes on Osho.

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