Bibliography Source Document

* Osho’s Books on CD-ROM.
A CD-ROM with the text of all first editions (303 titles) of Osho’s books in English, published and unpublished. The books are presented in a searchable Folio Views database. Also known as ‘The Silver Platter’. London, OIF, 1994.

* Unpublished English.
Osho’s words that so far have never been printed on paper. 63 titles. Some of them may be available in digital format.

* Compilations.
Listing 167 compilations in English.

* What Osho said when and where.
File document made by Research Library in Poona and printed around Nov 1992.

* Lao Tzu Library book list. 01.11.1992.
English books of Osho based on Lao Tzu Library database. Number of copies – title – publisher – year.

* Resort Library Hindi booklist.
Compiled by Osho’s brother Sw Shailendra Saraswati from’s online library of Osho’s Hindi books in Lao Tzu Library.

* Shailendra – Discourses chronologically.
Hindi books with their English translation and Hindi title in Devanagari. Includes also English titles.

* Shailendra – Osho’s Hindi books.
1. All Hindi titles in (Roman) alphabetical order. Hindi titles in Devanagari. With number of discourses and year.
2. Translated from English discourses.
3. Translated from Hindi discourses.
4. Early English original compilations.

* Shifting content in Hindi books. Shailendra on changes:
1. Whole books gone?
2. Chapters re-compiled.
3. Two Hindi titles from World Tour.
4. Whole books re-compiled.

Shailendra – Books missing in list.
Letters and discourses to be included in the wiki.

* Hindi Books in Print List.
Osho’s Hindi Books in Print, as listed in his published books 1965 – 1989.

* Cross-reference list of early booklets and books.
Source for the dates of Osho’s talks and letters. Compiled in Research Library, Poona, 1992.

* Doc X. Listing of Osho’s Hindi discourses.

* Zen masters in Osho’s talks.
Sarlo’s research in the history of Chan/Zen masters with a colored chart tracing their master-disciple lineages.

* The Greatest Challenge: The Golden Future. A Manifesto. 1988.
Contains ‘The Bibliography of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’. Works in the original English. Works translated from the original English. Works in the original Hindi. Works translated from the original Hindi.

* T.R.E.M.O.
Events mentioned in Sw Gyan Bhed’s ‘The Rebellious Enlightened Master Osho’. 2006.

* Osho’s Itinerary.
Info on dates and places for Osho’s travels 1966 – 1973 retrieved by Sw Satya Anuragi from the magazines Jyoti Shikha and Yukrand. Includes Gallery of the text pages.

* Manuscripts, notebooks, programmes and reports.
Timeline extraction of early writings from Jabalpur.

* Osho World 1989 – 1990 timeline.
Outlines events during Osho’s last months.

* Tao Vision.
A complete Hindi audio collection made by a group of Indian sannyasins with titles, total number of discs and remarks. In two parts: 1. Discourses, letters and interviews. 2. Published Darshan Diaries. It only regards original English material, and translations into English.

* Chidvilas video list.