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“Scholarship, to be a pundit, is not an attainment: it is a failure. It is a consolation only. You have missed the real treasure, and now you have just old dirty books – and that is a burden, not a liberation. Books cannot liberate. In fact, books themselves wait for somebody to liberate the truth from them – how can they liberate you?
When a Master is there, he liberates truths from the imprisonment of books. That’s why I have chosen so many books to speak upon. Many truths are imprisoned there – they have to be liberated. The book cannot liberate you; how can a dead book liberate you? Truth liberates. And if you know the truth, you can liberate truths from books too.
But remember: this is not possible if you only become a scholar. This is possible only when you become a sage. And who is a sage? A child again. A child who has consciously understood the futility of knowledge, and has understood the ultimate beauty of ignorance.”

The Perfect Master (1980). Vol I, p. 314.



Bibliographic retrieval took place at the National Library in Calcutta in July 2006. The building is in Belvedere, the former residence of the British Viceroy.

Abbreviations and sources:
– NL: National Library, Calcutta. Hindi & English card catalogues.
– INB: Indian National Bibliography. Printed. Monthly and annual since 1957.
– INB database: Database with bibliographic registration of titles published after 1950.
– wiki: Useful has also been the bibliography compiled by Sw. Rudra et al. on Including annotations, colorphoto of covers and ISBN.
– Quest: Database with Osho’s book series, lectures and 8.000 Q/A. By Anand Nandan and Satyamo. Osho Broadcasting Corporation, Amsterdam, 1991. Four discs for IBM pc and compatibles in MS-DOS.

Original orthography in the spelling of titles and other bibliographic data is respected thoroughly, leading to some inconsistency in the various entries.
The source for bibliographic information is in round brackets.
Context information may be mentioned.
Some titles of early secondary publications and biographies are included.
Name of author varies: Rajanis, Acarya 1931-; Rajanisa, Acarya; (Sri) Rajneesh, Acharya 1931-1990; Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh; Osho Rajneesh; Osho.
Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) varies in several records of same title.

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