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“There will always be somebody left to
tell the tale.” (Devika 2008, p. 141)     

Included are biographies, monographies, part of books, fiction and papers in journals. Further included are unpublished theses, booklets, entries in encyclopedias, some titles by sannyasins on therapy etc and a few authors discussed by Osho in discourses. Annotations may occur.

Some titles not registered first-hand are without their full bibliographic data.
Titles from References in Vol I are included, except context literature 1931-1974.

Secondary literature on Osho will be added categories A, B, C, or D (e.g. Cat. A) according to Wallis’ classification scheme. He is listing position in cult studies into either internalist or externalist writers, with an either friendly or hostile perspective as further explained in Introduction, Vol I.
Titles will have an indicator in round brackets based on the period of Osho’s work they are covering: Gadarwara (G), Jabalpur (J), Bombay (B), Poona One (P1), Oregon (O), World Tour and Bombay (WT) and Poona Two (P2).

Additional digital resources may be found in Vol III / Sources.
Articles in newspapers and magazines, see Vol III / Sources.
See also research papers and papers from conferences, symposiums and the like, in: Part Five / 5.9 Books on Osho / Research Papers.

‘Books on Osho’ at is presenting cover photos, ISBN and further bibliographic data.

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