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— Vol 2 —

Contents Vols II-III   –  klar til godkendelserettes med part 7

part fourklar til godkendelsemangler video, lyd

part four bRettet til 6.2mangler video, lyd

part fiveRettet til 6.3mangler video, lyd

part five bRettet til 6.3 mangler video, lyd

part sixRettet til 6.2 mangler video, lyd

part sevenigang rettet – rød tekst, billeder, figs, video, lyd

part seven bigangrettet – rød tekst, billeder, figs, video, lyd

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part seven digangrettet – rød tekst, billeder, figs, video, lyd




— Vol3 —

Contents Vol 3KLAR

References Vol3   – Klar til godkendelse

Bibliography   –  Klar til godkendelse


— TEST —

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Part 5

- (Savita 2014, p. 392) 10 linier efter dette citat fjernes liniemellemrum fra 1-8, og fra 9-31.

- NY Oct 2018:  Efter (Carter 1990, p. 298) gå ned til ’hentes på sannyas.wiki.’ Søg på sannyas.wiki: The Rajneesh Bible (series). 
Herefter slettes billede og Fig. så der kun står:
The Rajneesh Bible. Discourse series and title changes..
Hele diagrammet fra sannyas.wiki indsættes her, begyndende i top med denne ny tekst før selve diagrammet:
The series contain twelve volumes of which only the first four were ever published under the name The Rajneesh Bible.
Derefter selve diagrammet. Alt blåt ændres til ordinær tekst.
Og så afsluttende tekst:
** These books have subsequent other editions, titles and arrangements, please see the book’s page at www.sannyas.wiki.
Til slut reference: (The Rajneesh Bible (series). www.sannyas.wiki)
I følgende tekst afsnit ændres Bhagwan til Osho i anden linie.

Part 5B

- Ny Video 4. Maneesha James on the new E-book edition of Osho: The Buddha for the Future (2018). YouTube. 3:36 min
Placeres  i undersection ‘Core Biographies’ efter (Forman 1988) og før (Forman 1989). Er sendt som mail til Laust  04.10.2018.

Part 6

- 6.7 Onwards to Jamaica…
Her fjernes:
Visa Applications Stalled og Resolutions and legal Acts

- (In stock…issues) i 6.12 Periodicals slettes alle steder..

Nyt foto:
Sumila, også i Bhagawati e-mail,  er gemt i osbpic
Photo 25. Osho at discourse in Sumila.
Indsættes også i tekst

(Forman 2002, p. 69) 
Efter denne indsættes ny note som i øvrige noter:
(Note: Earlier on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had been offered the atoll but declined. The Tetiaroa atoll north of Tahiti was bought by Marlon Brando in 1966 to fulfil his dream of an ecological and unpolluted paradise in the Pacific. See also Waltzing with Brando / Bernard Judge (2011) on the building of ‘The Brando’, his luxury resort on an atoll lacking fresh water supply.)


fjernet billede henvisning i part six

Photo 19. On tour.

"While Bhagwan was in Ireland, a group of us in England waiting to join him, and Hasya and Jayesh in Spain still working to have Bhagwan there, Arup in Holland began to look into the possibility of inviting Bhagwan to her country of birth...
However even before Arup was given a private response or a chance to deal with any questions that might be of concern, a statement was given to the national daily newspapers to the effect that Bhagwan would not be permitted in the country. Stamped with the seal of the ministry of justice, the release, dated March 14th, read: